Too Much Sauce

Too Much Sauce.teen art exhibition

Too Much Sauce  
It means the sauciness of the kids
The creativity that the kids have
Their artistic flow

Too Much Sauce represents more than the Black vernacular vocabulary and surpasses notions of race, while simultaneously recognizing its consequences. This exhibition brings together UW students, staff, and the youth of greater Madison to celebrate cultural relativity, political awareness, and human growth and development. This 15 week project emphasizes the multivocality and diversity of the youth who are at the forefront of of our nation’s revolution, yet are the stones that the builder refuses. The art in this exhibition tells stories about our youth, survival, and thriving in an environment where the stakes are high.

Too Much Sauce teen art exhibit


Thank you FAISAL ABDU'ALLAH and the many other artists, educators and activists who have made this exhibit possible, including:

Carlos Gacharna
Kay DeWaide
Institute of Museum and Library Services
Richard Jones
Rob Dz
Morgridge Center for Public Service
Madison Arts Commission
Anonymous Fund
Noah Huber
Nasitta Keita
Rebecca Tillman
Sydney Parsons
Jackson Froiland
Courtney Becks
Sabrina Ross
Janae Shinoda
Sweet Tea Restaurant
Buraka Restaurant 
Neon Lab
UW Glass Lab
UW Arts Institute