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The Bubbler at Madison Public Library is an ever-growing network of people and ideas, fostering community through art and hands-on learning.

The Teen Bubbler focuses on resourcing & showcasing the ideas & voices of Madison teenagers under the library's larger Bubbler arts program umbrella. Whether offering the basics of animation, screen printing, music, painting, graphic design or video game design (to name a few), the Bubbler’s hands-on pop-up workshops introduce participants to a variety of local experts who share their talents and physical resources.

Our continuous efforts to connect with potential partners is what keeps the experiences current and dynamic, allowing the library to facilitate a wide range of lectures, demonstrations, performances, and make-and-take workshops in all nine libraries and at partner locations around the city. You won't find most of the upcoming Teen Bubbler workshops on the public calendar because library staff are committed to bringing these limited resources to targeted groups in the libraries or at the request of community partners.







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