3D World Building

3D World Building.Unreal Development Kit (UDK)

Of the many things to be found inside the Media Lab at Central Library, 3D World Building / Video Game Design is one of our main attractions. And for good reason! Media Lab Instructor, Nate Clark, was in the game design industry for several years prior to joining the Bubbler team at Madison Public Library, and although he continues to develop games on the side, he devotes most of his professional time to teaching the skill set to those interested in learning.

Did we mention this is portable? We've installed UDK on 10 library laptops in order to bring the workshop out into the community. While the Media Lab offers free weekly classes to the general public, ages 12+, Teen Bubbler focuses the media lab's efforts on serving existing teen groups in our neighborhood libraries, community centers, schools, and after school programs. During the Summer, teens have the chance to attend several week-long camps in which attendees use the Unreal Development Kit to create a fully interactive 3D game level. 

UDK is a free application to download and use, and only costs money once you put your design on the market.


Unreal Development Kit

 A sped up visual demonstration of 3D World Building using the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) game engine in the Media Lab at Central Library.