An avatar is a form, creature, or symbol that can be used to reveal yourself to the world, and at the same time, to hide your identity. What would you choose to represent yourself to the world?



This is the world, because this little orbit thing, right here, it’s me, going around in the world, all around. Me, goin’ around the countries, and all other states, travelin’… because I feel that one day, I’m goin’ to be the one to hold the world in my hand. I feel that I’m going to be in control, that I’m going to, you know, lead things. That’s my biggest dream, really, travelin’ around the world.

Image of avatar
Image of avatar

I just drew him cuz I didn’t really have my artistic expression, so this here is random. He just caged, like a animal in a cage, and he’s tryin’ to let the beast out. So, he can’t get out of the cage, so to relax his self, he smoked the dope.

Image of avatar
Image of avatar

This is my third eye, so I can see everything.


A dog is basically a person…the dog actually will get out of his collar, will get out of his chains, get out of a safety pen, so yeah...

I did [several avatars] because I have multiple personalities.  [The volcano eruption] shows like how sometimes I can get, like, I get angry sometimes, it’s kind of like a volcano eruption.