Heart Maps

Heart Maps.Make

If you could draw a map of your your heart, what would it look like? 


So in the corner I have green and yellow, for Green Bay Packers, my favorite team. They always will be.

And I got a football because I love the NFL and I love playing football and it's gonna stick with me forever.

I got musical notes because I really like listening to music, and I have a microphone because I like making my own music.

I also have a red and a black piece because it represents my anger problems that I got over, and I got a cheeseburger there because I like food.

And the blue, the vines are blue because it represents my little brothers and my family because they always cry, and tears are blue.


I have my mom right there, as a tat, a tattoo, because she's always going to be there, it's permanent.

And then I have my brothers and my sisters, and there's blood coming out of the heart because I'd bleed for my brothers and my sisters.

And I put food in the middle because I just love food, and I put boxing as like, it's a little bit blacker because it's a little bit darker, probably my mom wouldn't want me doing that as a career but I like it.

And Rambo down in the bottom because it's my dog, he's awesome, German shepherd, so, yeah.

I have black at the bottom for like the people that have passed away in my life

And then I have a red river thingie that has stress

And then I have my grandma and my mom and dad at the top 


The Shading is the part of me that wants to give up
the red color is part of me that still wants to keep on trying 
The stiches represent the problems I've been Able to get out of and are now in my past 
The tore part that is bleeding is the stuff I'm going through right now


I got the ice around my heart because you know, years of pain and stuff like that.

And then I got the rip that’s getting sown together slowly from heartbreak.

And then I got the big capitol letter love coming out of one artery and stuff like that.