Madison Story Project

Madison Story Project.Making History

The Madison Story Project is a joint digital storytelling project between Madison Public Library and Madison Children’s Museum that collects, archives, and shares contemporary youth stories from the Madison, Wisconsin area. The project allows youth to tell their stories in their own words and to make visible their contributions to our local community. Through sharing these stories with the public, the project hopes to create a dialogue between youth of different backgrounds, and between youth and adults about the experiences and issues that are important to them.

Teen Bubbler offers an excercise in telling a Personal Narrative is the first 2-day project we bring to the classroom that introduces students to the intracate fun of Stop-Motion Animation. This can then be followed up with a 3-day project to make Book Trailers - commercials for books. Book trailers are the attempt to sell somebody else's story, whereas personal narratives focus on an event or series of events from the students' own lives. Therefore the story-telling and technology can be mastered during the first project with the book trailer project building upon that base with the more difficult challenge of convincing others to read a specific book.

A local teen uses white board animation to tell us about his past, present and future ideas of working with computers.

A pair of Madison teenagers share the story of their adventures at a lake.

An introduction to the life of a middle school teen in Madison, WI.