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The Rooted program worked with Madison Public Library to develop youth media production projects that document and share the resources created and maintained by their adult and youth staff. Led by the library's Media Projects Bubblerarian, Rob Franklin, and UCAN's Tyler Brunsell, they work with Rooted's Urban Agriculture Youth Employment Program to focus on their own topics of interest, then learn how to use various media production tools to create the following projects.

A Rooted Documentary

The teen employees at Rooted created a short documentary on the Badger Rock Chicken Coop in the Spring of 2023. Working with mentors Rob Franklin and Tyler Brunsell, they were able to create this project that not only featured the assembling of the new coop, but able to talk about how the chickens are a part of the program’s community.

WATCH: The Coop Documentary
A Rooted Documentary

The youth employees at Rooted developed this project to creatively capture the work of the program’s 3 different work site locations across the city of Madison, WI -- Troy Farms, Badger Rock, and Goodman community farm. A few of the the Spring workers continued into Summer and were able to take more of a leadership role under the wing of Rob Franklin Tyler Brunsell.

WATCH: video overview of the summer program at Rooted
A Rooted Documentary

After completing several projects over the Spring and Summer, the summer youth employees at Rooted were asked to capture the annual MOST Conference that focuses on out of school time services to young people in Madison. Below are two projects, one providing an overview of the day-long conference, and the other recapping a favorite panel discussions.

WATCH: overview of 2023 MOST Conference in Madison, WI.
WATCH: Safety & Wellness Panel Discussion
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