Teen Art Exhibitions

Madison Public Library Bubbler teen art exhibits with Faisal Abdu'Allah FAUHAUS

In collaboration with UW-Madison Art Professor, Faisal Abdu´Allah, the Bubbler coordinates two 15-week courses each year that culminate in a public art exhibition. Starting as strangers the first week, a core group of teenagers and adults travel to locations around the city one night each week to work through a strategic progression of guest teaching artists that offer an array of project based learning opportunities. Check out past exhibitions below.



DESIRES OF VISION (February 2021)

"Desires of Vision" self portrait exhibit at Central Library



URBAN BUBBLE (December 2019)

Madison Public Library's Bubbler Making Justice Fauhaus teen art exhibition URBAN BUBBLE



THIS MY LIFE. THIS MY ART. (December 2018)

Madison Public Library Bubbler Fauhaus teen semester and public art exhibition



MASK OFF (December 2017)

Madison Public Library Bubbler Making Justice teen art exhibition Mask Off with Faisal Abdu'Allah



AIR IT OUT (April 2017)

link to Air It Out teen art exhibition



TOO MUCH SAUCE (December 2016)

Too Much Sauce teen art exhibit




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