Teen Art Exhibitions

Madison Public Library Bubbler teen art exhibits with Faisal Abdu'Allah FAUHAUS

In collaboration with UW-Madison Art Professor, Faisal Abdu´Allah, the Bubbler coordinates two 15-week courses each year that culminate in a public art exhibition. Starting as strangers the first week, a core group of teenagers and adults travel to locations around the city one night each week to work through a strategic progression of guest teaching artists that offer an array of project based learning opportunities. Check out past exhibitions below.



URBAN BUBBLE: December 13, 2019

Madison Public Library's Bubbler Making Justice Fauhaus teen art exhibition URBAN BUBBLE



THIS MY LIFE. THIS MY ART.: December 10, 2018

Madison Public Library Bubbler Fauhaus teen semester and public art exhibition



MASK OFF: December 7, 2017

Madison Public Library Bubbler Making Justice teen art exhibition Mask Off with Faisal Abdu'Allah



AIR IT OUT: April 27, 2017

link to Air It Out teen art exhibition



TOO MUCH SAUCE: December 8, 2016

Too Much Sauce teen art exhibit




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