Weekly Workshops

Weekly Workshops.Growing Voices

Weekly Making Justice workshops and resources annually serve over 500 at-risk and court-involved local teenagers, in collaboration with the Dane County Juvenile Court Detention Center, the Dane County Juvenile Court Shelter Home, the Neighborhood Intervention Program, and several classrooms within Madison Metropolitan School District. The project-based workshops foster hands-on, peer-supported learning and digital literacy, connecting teens with diverse community and campus partners, including faculty and students from University of Wisconsin-Madison.* Workshop participants create graphic and 3D art, photographic, spoken word, storytelling, performance and video projects documenting themselves, their communities and the justice system. Collaborative projects accommodate a variety of interests, skills and learning styles, and are contextualized to connect with teen experiences and community resources; see Creations for examples. Making Justice partners include community advisors who review program design and suggest resources; guest facilitators who help design and lead program sessions; juvenile justice agencies that review program design and supervise program teens; media art consultants who provide design and technical support; secondary-school educators who facilitate curriculum development; and UW programs that support Making Justice faculty and students.

  • Check out the CREATIONS page for examples of the projects brought to teens on a weekly rotation.