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Madison, WI
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Simpson Street Free Press (SSFP) has 24 years of experience organizing after-school and summer programming that addresses literacy and connects to the school day. Madison area youth produce and publish content on various media platforms. Students write and read extensively, and they explore across the curriculum and investigate core subject areas (history, science, the arts). Then they write and publish. Methods include invention strategies, close reading, drafting, and vocabulary, and SSFP believes learning happens, in large measure, during the revision process. Multiple rounds of editing are required during each assignment. Assignments grow in complexity with age and ability. Students begin as early as third grade and many SSFP graduates, when in college, serve as editors. High school students take on leadership roles and all students learn to never hand in a first draft.

Madison, WI
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MC Audio believes that knowing how to use your equipment is just as important as buying the right gear. Because of this, MC Audio offers several free, weekly classes right at the store. Whether you're long-mixing from a computer with CD players, or scratching completely analog on vinyl, they are looking to help you along the way. While MC Audio does provide inexpensive, one-on-one training for a variety of subjects, they also offer the following FREE classes each week: 

  • Digital DJ Class
  • Scratch Class
  • Digital Production Class
Madison, WI
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The Information Technology Academy (ITA) is an innovative pre-college initiative for diverse students in the state of Wisconsin. In Madison, ITA competitively recruits 30 students each year in their final semester of 8th grade. Selected students receive four years of intensive training for high-tech, IT-related careers and thorough preparation for competitive university admissions and study.

Madison Public Library accepts 1-2 ITA Madison students every summer for a media-production based internship.

ITA’s Tribal Technology Institute (TTI) students in Lac du Flambeau and Oneida enjoy a 3-year experience that was developed based on the very successful Madison model. These students are recruited in 9th grade and receive 3 years of intensive training and support.

Khan Academy

Pixar and Khan Academy have collaborated to create, develop, and promote a series of learning tutorials that demonstrate how math, science, engineering, and the arts are a vital part of the magic and wonder of the Pixar filmmaking process.

map of "Cities of Learning" youth network across U.S.A.

The Digital Youth Network (DYN) is a project that supports organizations, educators and researchers in learning best practices to help develop our youths’ technical, creative, and analytical skills. Originating from the keen desire to understand and support urban youth in learning digital media for their educational development, DYN grew as a resource to help youth understand how to use digital media for all aspects of their lives. As technology rapidly evolves, supporting our underprivileged youth in school and out of the classroom has become a critical and timely issue to address. Currently underprivileged students live under the following statistics:

  • 47% of low-income households have broadband access at home.
  • 37% of teachers of low-income students use tablet computers.
  • 35% of teachers of lower-income students say their students use cell phones as a learning device in class.

In an effort to resolve these conditions, DYN has created iRemix social learning network for students in formal and informal settings; Co-founded YOUmedia – along with the Chicago Public Library – to develop innovative spaces for youth; and implemented Chicago City of Learning – with Chicago’s Mayor’s Office – to join together learning opportunities for youth.

Currently DYN is creating a blueprint for Cities of Learning to model Chicago City of Learning, releasing DYN’s book in spring 2014 and launching DYN Studio at DePaul University in winter 2014.

The goal of the Digital Youth Network is to create an equal platform for ALL to be digitally literate.