The Impulse 2

The Impulse 2

Shabazz City High School

THE IMPULSE 2 is an album conceived, written, recorded and produced by students enrolled in Shabazz City High School's "The Impulse: History of Music, Movements, and You" experiential learning class led by teachers, Aaron Kaio, Denise Aulik and Brian Counselman.

Recorded at the Media Lab inside Madison's Central Library, their album brings student voices and experiences out of the classroom and into your earhole. Special thanks to Rob Dz, Shah Evans, Corey Whitmore, Tyler Brunsell and the rest of the UCAN family for their mentorship in the writing, recording and fine-tuning of these teenage artists.

  • Read the ARTIST STATEMENTS from students as they present and describe their experience and product.

  • Listen to the PODCAST COLLECTION below for a deeper dive into the individual experiences of project-based learning.

package of 50 CDs delivered to students





trigger warning - explicit content


EPISODE 1: Demigloom

Outerspace by Demigloom




Disco Groove or Somethin by Eddy



EPISODE 3: Rowyn

Fantasy by Rowyn



EPISODE 4: Kevin




EPISODE 5: Anavaeh




EPISODE 6: Norah

Trigger Warning by Norah



EPISODE 7: Andrea

Dope by Andrea



EPISODE 8: Miller

The Ballad Of Callisto by Miller



EPISODE 9: Henry & Eddy

On Borrowed Time by Henry



EPISODE 10: John

John by John



EPISODE 11: Ryan





Album cover of a royal dog
Album cover of a royal dog