Bossz portrait cropped
Bossz portrait cropped
My direct message is being like a strong young man that’s capable of doing anything. For instance, picking up a house is a hard challenge, but you can accomplish it. Basically what I’m trying to get at is if you pick the hardest thing and you can keep going and try to accomplish it, sooner or later, you will have everything where you need it to be. 

The Direct Message title, I chose that. It felt good to choose something. At first when we was givin’ out titles and stuff, I was just playing around with the name Direct Message. Well, I said DM actually. And then I changed it to Direct Message, like to write it out, ‘cause that seem more presentable and more professional. Everybody look at it and be like “we need to go check on that and see what it’s about” so that’s why I chose Direct Message instead of DM, so people would know what it’s about.
Bo$z Photo Shoot 2
Setting up a shot

Bo$z Camera
Bo$$z steps behind the camera with Faisal Abdu'Allah
Bo$z Silhouette
Shadow silhouette
Bossz portrait

Bossz says:

My direct message is being like a strong young man