"Violence Stops"

"Violence Stops"

This MUSIC VIDEO was created by a team of teenagers and adult mentors. (Producer: DJ Pain 1)




Picture of music video shoot for 2017 Media Academy

Kiah says:

I wrote this song so people would stop the violence. We have crazy people walking around with guns killing good people for no reason at all. When the kids in the community see adults doing that, when they're older they're going to do the same thing. My daddy was killed for no reason at all. A man killed him for looking at him a wrong way. That's not right. We also have law enforcement and public leaders that very publicly have murdered, beaten, and oppressed people in our communities all over the country. This type of hatred can not be encouraged. This type of hatred can not be accepted. No matter your age you are never too young or too old to have a voice and stand up for what is right. I hope my song can bring inspiration to all people to have a voice and use it loud.