Peace Panels

Peace Panels

Juvenile Detention Center

WATCH: mural production process

Rodrigo Carapia worked with teens in three locations over four days to create this large 3-panel painting now hanging inside the library at Dane County Juvenile Detention Center.

The concept and design were developed by Rodrigo and a group of youth attending weekly Neighborhood Intervention Program (NIP / Youth Justice) workshops at the Bubbler Room at Central Library. The message of "peace" and the uplifting color and imagery were deemed a necessary addition to the detention center by several of the kids who had been brought there in the past. We then followed their plan for other students at the shelter home to get their hands into the project by continuing to paint the design for an afternoon before culminating with the panels being completed and hung on the wall by the students in the detention center at the time.

This project ultimately paved the way for the first semi-permanent installations at the shelter home (Welcome Mural) and the detention center (Sunny Horizons Mural) that were both also done by Rodrigo, and were chosen for the immediate proximity to the respective visitation spaces for families, friends and advocates.

"Peace" panel mural in library at detention center


"Peace" mural hanging in the library at Dane County Juvenile Detention Center

Anonymous says:

I realized that I can do more than just draw. I guess I can paint. I had fun. I would do this again.