Juvenile Court Podcasts

Juvenile Court Podcasts

Juvenile Detention Center
Juvenile Court Shelter Home
Dee Star leading podcasting workshops with teenagers in juvenile detention center and juvenile court shelter home

Dee Star, local host of OttaDeeBox Podcast, shares his talents, experiences and alternative paths with Madison youth involved in the justice system. Each month Dee leads a 2-day podcasting introductory workshop for students residing at the Juvenile Detention Center and the Juvenile Court Shelter Home.

While continually showing kids how to hook up and run the digital production equipment, the first day is focused on basic conversational techniques while working to define, or redefine, our individual futures. Using the lessons from the first day, a special community guest joins the class to be interviewed by a rotation of student hosts.

Due to the confidential nature of their stay in these facilities, the content created by youth is not currently approved to share publicly.

Juvenile Court podcast workshops led by Dee Star from OuttaDeeBox podcast