Making Repairs

Making Repairs

Teens and UW Students in Making Repairs session


Bubbler Artist-in-Residence Bird Ross guided participants through sewing and problem-solving projects that focused on the concept of making repairs.

In their first session, Bubbler Teens and University of Wisconsin-Madison students partnered up to make sewing kits. 


Hands creating sewing kit


Hands holding finished sewing kit


Bubbler Teens also learned to operate Bird’s sewing machine. Using recycled fabric, participants designed, stuffed, and stitched their own pillows. 


Bubbler Teen using sewing machine


Bubbler Teens holding finished pillows


Bird also encouraged participants to think about repurposing and problem-solving. During one session, Bubbler Teens were given survival scenarios such as living on a desert island or escaping from a volcano. Each teen worked with a partner using miscellaneous supplies to build tools to help them survive. 


Hands making survival tools


Survival tool created by Bubbler Teens