by Eli Blakely

Yeah this my book yeah they might gone hate
You better read this what the title say
Raised onna book is your life okay?
Pack more heat than a microwave
Young bad boys take ya life away
Thinking bout the kids that we might could save
You could never take my rights away
Always make sure that my guys okay
I need to get me a charger 
I’m closer to winning the race
People will do you wrong harder
And turn around grin in ya face
I honestly feel like a martyr
They trying to rain down on my faith
My brother can never escape
They too busy running from Jakes
That’s why we stay on everything right now that’s why we on honor role
All I do is honor code 
Trying to make sure these problems gone
And we can never solve em slow, you not enrolled, you gotta go 
Too focused on diamond flows
And all of these college loans

That’s why I been cooking things up it’s the recipe 
On the right path to my destiny
Ion need no one to mess with me
Always find a way that’s my specialty 
Can you please share your last breath with me 
Though I don’t wanna see no one Rest in piece 
If you got a problem then let me be
Not on board no chess with me

Grind for the future, I see it all sooner, it’s looking familia
I use to be running, when I was a youngin, just reading Amelia Bedelia 
It’s too many I been staying a float but not sinking I’m right on the pillar
I been through a lot, I been stuck in a box, so believe I’ll tell you I feel ya
I wanna see all of my people go do it, go get it it’s not for the feeling 
If you hate em you gotta forgive em
The first step always started from healing
I feel like I’m bad as a Jackson whenever you realer you always the villain
That’s why I been treating this life like a college recruit cause you know I’m Commited
On what 

Leave on a more sense 
I gotta contribute my portion
We tryna be great like we Jordan
We not tryna lose in no forfeit
I love all my people, we cannot be evil, we gotta move on from extortion 
We all gotta know who the lord is
I promise this stuff is important 
Too many youngins, who was up & coming, and had to lay down in they corpses
Let’s find a home for the orphans 
Might have to invite them to office
I just do my part, so I speak from the heart, every time that I hop on recordings 
Disappointment we cannot afford this
Gotta find what you like and explore it 
Look, I don’t really mess with Embarrassing guys
Live with love and live like we American Guys
I could never put you down we eat American Pies
So make sure when you do you get a Very Big Size 
On what

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