The Read Song

The Read Song

by SooDo & The Pro

[The Pro]
What I learned this summer is how to be librarian,
Notice the weight you're carrying,
Resources for everybody more like humanitarian,
Service for every race arabianto afrycaryan,
European Latino Asian Indian American,
African aboriginals demographics are varying,
We all gotta eat no matter vegan or vegetarian,
Or carnivores we all need to consume, 
Knowledge you’re seeking may be contained in one room,
Like Jason Stathamwe get it transported,
For those who want it imported the information is sorted,
Document is recorded, new agenda reported,
My peoples voices important it’s dissing if they’re distorted,
In addition no different ditching the pitching that was sported,
If we’re building up a building you gotta know it’s supported,
Wishes are granted from a grant a wish is afforded,
No acting but in my academy everyone's awarded, so
Don’t ever take it for granted work is continuous,
To eat you plan it homies don’t even know where the menu is,
Or what dinner is,
My homie E knows what a winner is,
I cook in that kitchen yallget it free because I'm generous,
Giving a stack platter,
If ignorant or running your mouth you should track data,
It’s funny how people can talk and yet we lack chatter,
Seems like we gotta get out the planet for black matters,
We’re losing our black matter,
For cold massive corruption I’ll jack it it’s for all the beans,
Playing my cards all the kings, queens, and all the teens
Measure means highlighting homes to head,
On anyone to impede at the location just like Khalid,
Forget the credit APR I got the deed with deeds,
Pulling weeds so I can feed the seeds,
You don’t got to bleed in greed indeed agreed,
Plead in speed we’re freed to proceed into what you need.

Writing hooks even stacking any books you read,
Off the hook giving you all the looks to lead,
Gotta cook tell em what it took to succeed,
And I know a lot are shook,
But tell us what you need!

Life is a struggle,
Needed a new hustle,
Heard there was an internship that needed new muscle,
So I signed right up,
Thought it was an easy way to get a couple bucks,
Improve my craft and become unstuck,
Cuz I was so unsure about my future coming up,
Where I wanna go,
Where I wanna be,
Who I wanna see,
My eternity,
My destiny,
My identity,
Gained serenity,
Now I got new skills, 
Got more connections,
Nerves of steel,
Aiming for perfection,
Work that's real, 
Going for profession
I get the feel like Natural Selection,
I still have questions, 
SooDo taken over by a library obsession.