"I Belong" mural

"I Belong" mural

Juvenile Shelter Home
WATCH: the creation of "I Belong" mural

Audifax ran a weekly summer series of design workshops focused on the things we noticed while taking walks around the Atwood neighborhood. After putting their designs on canvas, shirts, bags and shoes, students used pieces created throughout the summer to conclude with this 8'x4' mural.

The project’s intention was simple: to be outside, exploring techniques and getting lost in the process of creation while connecting with nature and each other.


I Belong was previously on display in the Bubbler's "To Be Seen" exhibit at the Overture Center's Rotunda Gallery.

picture of "I Belong" & "Crowns In Chaos" on exhibit at Overture Center



The "I Belong" mural created by the artist Audifax and students residing at the Dane County Juvenile Court Shelter Home