"I Belong" mural

"I Belong" mural

Juvenile Shelter Home
Picture of the "I Belong" mural created by Audifax and students at the Shelter Home

Audifax built such a great rapport with staff and students at the Dane County Juvenile Court Shelter Home during the "Open the Sky" mural project in the Spring that they requested her to come back during the summer to run a series of mural and clothing design workshops while school staff were on break. While teen residents rotate through this facility at different paces, while they were staying there all youth had the opportunity to engage with Audifax twice each week in July and August, which eventually concluded in this 8'x4' mural.

  • READ: Audifax's in-depth blog post on the project.

  • SEE: currently on display in the stairwell at MyArts on East Washington Ave.

    • was on display in the library's "To Be Seen" exhibit at the Overture Center's Rotunda Gallery during Winter/Srping of 2022.

picture of "I Belong" & "Crowns In Chaos" on exhibit at Overture Center
WATCH: the creation of "I Belong" mural