Intake Room Mural

Intake Room Mural

Juvenile Detention Center
WATCH: Jerry Butler create mural with teens.

During a week-long residency over the detention classroom winter break, Wisconsin artist, Jerry Butler, worked with teenagers inside the Dane County Juvenile Detention Center to bring color and warmth to the "intake room" in which all residents sit for the period of time while they are checked into the facility from the Juvenile Reception Center. This is the room where youth change out of their personal clothes, turn over their belongings and receive an orientation to the detention facility. This mural is now the backdrop that all incoming youth will view while security officers sit in front of it throughout the intake process.

After a 90-minute design session the week prior, Jerry came back to the facility to work with the teen residents over 5 days to grid and scale the final design from paper to wall, and then to apply the paint. Youth residents joined for 30 minute shifts, and one young person individually worked to design, scale, and paint a hole in the wall saying, "Even though its not real, I just think it would be really nice to see some fresh air before going into the secure facility. I call it the 'fresh air hole'." 

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Making Justice mural residency with Jerry Butler


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