Look Within Mural

Look Within Mural

Juvenile Detention Center
WATCH: Audifax working on mural with teens.

During a week-long residency over Spring Break 2019, Wisconsin artist, Audifax, worked with teenagers inside the Dane County Juvenile Detention Center to transform the giant wall in the corridor all residents walk through on their way to and from juvenile court appearances.

After a 90-minute design session the week prior, Audifax came back to the facility on Monday to work with the teen residents over the next 5 days to trace projected designs and paint the entire wall in shifts of 2 or 3 students at a time. To the sounds of countless meaningful conversations and various choices of music, the teens took on the pieces that most excited them or fit their skill sets the most. Due to the nature of the facility, teen residents are only housed on a temporary basis so there were some kids that took part in every session, but also kids that were only there for the beginning or the end of the project.

Audifax says, "where this mural sits in the building, being the last and first thing the teens see before and after court, I wanted to bring a peaceful and powerful image - a reminder to reflect and find peace and clarity within. The central faces are split down the middle and show regardless of who you are (gender, race, background), change and a desire to create a better life for yourself begin with you. First get to know and respect yourself and positivity can be shown to and shared with others. The surrounding mandala image was chosen because of their representation of inner peace throughout the ages. Waves at the center stand for the ripple effect in the power in being authentic with yourself, radiating to those around you."

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Madison Public Library's Bubbler Making Justice "Look Within" mural residency with Audifax.
Madison Public Library Bubbler Making Justice "look within" mural residency with Audifax

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Madison Public Library's Bubbler Making Justice mural design residency