Finesse portrait cropped
Finesse portrait cropped

Direct Message is literally a direct message to all the people with the misconception of us minorities and the stereotypical perceptions and how people portray us. There's more to us ... And you know, people don’t really try to go in too deep into why we do this or why we do that. How we act. You know, why we act the way we act. Where we come from. People just go based off what they see when truly they really don’t know. And I just feel like Direct Message is a way for us to have our voice be heard.

Finesse's silhouette
We are the targets that you always reach to aim,
we are the problems that you’re always quick to blame
but why us aren’t we all the same
see life’s a system and we’re just part of the game
but we gotta learn to sustain and turn this pain into gain
because everybody’s killing everybody
so how many of us will remain?

They don’t want my people here
that’s why they treat us unfair,
police suppose to protect and serve but when it comes to us
truly they don’t care.

They criminalize the blacks
Frame us off statistics
but are those truly the facts?
They just know us by our color
but it’s deeper than that.
But society keep at it
 I don’t expect a change
it’s just crazy how you say that we’re the ones to blame.

Finesse directing silhouettes
Choreographing the moving silhouettes

Finesse brown paper silhouette
Brown paper silhouette, Finesse

Finesse says:

There's more to us...